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821 5th Ave
River Edge, NJ 07661
Morristown Unitarian Fellowship
21 Normandy Heights Rd.
Morristown, NJ 07960
April 5, 2023
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April 20, 2023
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  1. Task


    This is a version 2 proposal. there are some changes. please review fully.

    • This is a draft proposal based on a request by Toby Tylor and email.
    • It’s designed to help the Morristown Unitarian Fellowship expect a system that they will get with SOUND4U AV and plan a budget.
    • Once the client agrees to the proposal and the first payment is received, we will discuss further to finalize the system design.
    • At that time we can add, change or remove items if necessary and cost will be adjusted accordingly.
    • Company Reference — Please visit



    • (2) JBL AM7215/95 WHITE 15inch One Point System
    • (1) 18inch Powered Subwoofer.
    • (2) 8inch 2-way Fill-in(Delay) speaker to distribute audio evenly rear side of the fellowship room with low volume.
    • (4) 10inch 2-way compact floor monitor speaker and amplifier
    • (1) Power Sequencer and Surge Protector — It will make the equipment rack turn on/off in sequence to prevent any electric shock to the system and a remote key box will be installed at the location where someone can turn the system on/off remotely without going into the A/V room.
    • (1) Microphones  — Two Podium Microphone for main speaker and sermon, (1) Wireless Handheld Mic System – Shure or Equivalent Brand.
    • (1) Condenser microphone for Ambient pickup.
    • (1) Accessories and Parts. (more details are in the list below)


    • LED Video Wall —  P2.6 11.5ft (3.5m) width x 6.5ft (2M) 158inch Diagonal 


    • Please Note that only installation labor estimate is included in this proposal. Since MUF has own preferences, we can discuss more on the video and camera parts after the contract signed. However main parts are listed and described below.
    • Two 1080/4K  Pan/Tilt/Zoom Robotic camera with Skaarhoj PTZ Pro V2 controller.
    • ATEM 1 M/E Constellation HD paired with a HyperDeck Studio HD Mini.
    • Gallery Hall Monitoring — Two 65inch TV will be installed and It will provides Audio and Video monitoring.
    • SOUND4U will provide the TV vendor and Church will buy them directly.
    • Computer for video presentation will be provided by Church.

    # Class Room monitor

    • 2 cameras and NVR video recording. monitor with Laptop via WiFi
    • Option – If it’s ok with monitoring by smart phone only, around $250 can be saved.

    # OPTIONAL LED Stage Lighting System and House Lighting Integration – this is an option.

    # Hearing assistance part is not included in this proposal. We will discuss more later.

    * All parts in the list below will be installed and used for the project. All the model name and price will be revealed with the final design

  2. Service


    (2) JBL AM7215/95 WHITE 15inch One Point Speaker and Amplifier. XTi4002 and XLi1500

    (1) 1500W 18″ Powered Subwoofer

    (1) Allen & Heath 16 channel Rackmountable Digital Mixer with 10inch Tablet Remote control and Preset recall

    (1) Loud Speaker Management System for Anti Feedback and Main Room EQ, Compressor and Limiter. 

    (2) 8inch 2-way Fill-in(Delay) speaker to distribute audio evenly rear side of the fellowship room with low volume.

    (4) 10inch 2-way compact floor monitor speaker and amplifier

    (2) AKG or Shure Dynamic Microphone with On/Off Switch

    (2) 18inch Podium Condensor Mic

    (1) Wireless Handheld Mic System – Sennheiser or Equivalent Brand.

    (1) Wireless Lavalier Mic System – Sennheiser or Equivalent Brand

    (2) Condenser microphone for Ambient pickup.

    (4) 4 inputs Floor Box for the stage floor — it’s convenient and clean.

    (2) Power Sequencer / Surge protector 

    (2) 21U Steel Rack Enclosure with casters and Vent covers and (2) 3 Space drawer.

    (5) Heavy Duty Tripod boom mic stand

    (4) Music Stand Manhasset #48

    (1) Cable and Consumable Allowance

    (1) Installation, Setup and Configuration


    Please Note that only installation labor estimate is included in this proposal. Since MUF has own preferences, we can discuss more on the video and camera parts after the contract is signed. However some main parts are listed below.

    (1) 85inch TV for Rear Monitor. (MUF provides)

    (2) Canon CN-300 PTZ Camera

    (1) Skaarhoj PTZ Pro V2 Controller

    (1) Video Switcher for video recording and Live streaming, 4channel inputs with 32inch TV for multiview

    (2) 65inch TV for Audio and Video monitor in Gallery Hall (Church provides TVs, TV price is not included in this proposal)

    (1) Classroom monitor – Two 5MP 1080p camera with NVR video recorder, monitoring with Laptop via WiFi (Option: if monitoring with smart phone only is ok, $250 can be saved with an alternative system)

    (1) Cable and Consumable Allowance 

    (1) Installation, Setup and Configuration. $4800

  4. # VIDEO SCREEN (price is competitive with proper quality projector and screen, but much better image.)

    LED Video Wall —  P2.6 11.5ft (3.5m) width x 6.5ft (2M) 158inch Diagonal 

    P2.6 Pixel Pitch

    • P2.6 LED Video wall (3.5 x 2M)
    • Spare parts and Front maintenance tool included. ($2000 value) 
    • Electric Work
    • Support Materials 
    • Cable and Consumable Allowance 
    • System Design, Installation, Configuration, Setup and Training
    • 2 years parts and labor warranty
    • 3 month warranty service including remote support and replacement service.

    OPTION A. Basic LED Stage Lighting System $18,500 

    (10) Ellipsoidal 150W LED COB Spot Lights, Warm White

    (6) PAR LED COB 150W Lights, Warm White

    (6) PAR RGBWA LED Par Lights

    (1) Touch Controllable, Preset Re-callable Lighting Control System. 

    (1) Requires around 2 x 20amp circuit

    (1) Installation Hardware

    (1) Cable and Consumable Allowance

    (1) Lighting System Design

    (1) Installation, Setup and Configuration

    OPTION B. House Light Control with Stage Lighting. $2000 ~ $2500

    • House Lights can be integrated with the stage lighting and controlled with Tablet
    • Preset will be set and All stage and House Light will be controlled by one touch.
    • Keep the current electrical work as plan, just install the controllable switch for the integration.
  6. Audio & Video System Design, Engineering, Drafting, Computer Virtual Simulation Service, and Order management.

    • including 4 hours training for Live Operation and 2 hours for Recording Training. We will schedule a time later.
    • including total 2 hour discussion session for finalizing system design. after 2hours, there will be additional charge.

    If scaffolding with casters or scissor lift is required, rental will be billed separately ($450) or Church can provides

Subtotal $65,500.00
Total $65,500.00


  • Permit costs not included
  • If applicable Project Expenses billed at cost plus 10%
  • If applicable Freight billed at cost plus 10%

Project Schedule

  • System Design : After 1st payment is received, More details be discussed by both parties. It will take 3 weeks to complete the design and SOUND AV will provide a full list of items excepts installation materials
  • Parts order & Schedule :  SOUND4U will contact General Contractor of the building construction and discuss the schedule, then order AV parts accordingly.
  • Regarding Lighting, and LED screen, It will take about 60days once placing an order.
  • Wiring, Installation, On-site setting, configuration and test : will be performed timely manner.
  • Once the system is configured, we will schedule a training.


This proposal is the property of SOUND4U AV, and may not be viewed or shared with any other contractor or company bidding on this project, nor may it be used as a template for other bidders unless written permission is requested and received, or consulting services for this design have been purchased.

Payment Schedule

  • 1st Payment : $5,000 of the proposed project total is required to initiate the contract (This is not refundable under any circumstance)
  • 2nd Payment : 40% of Total due on delivery of the system design.
  • 3nd Payment : 50% of Total due on the AVL parts / equipment start being delivered
  • Remaining balance due immediately upon completion of installed components setup.
  • Product model and brand could be changed during the work due to availability and compatibility.
    There will be a fee for Returning and/or canceling product/equipment.
    20% Restocking + Shipping & Handling Fee will apply

Electric Work

  • If it is determined that ample and appropriate power is not available at the equipment rack location, it will be necessary to have the electrical system inspected and retrofitted accordingly by a qualified licensed electrician to support the new audio / video / lighting system. Any needed electrical work is the sole responsibility of the client.
  • SOUND4U AV will provide information and direction to the owner’s electrician at no additional charge. Any and all electrical system arrangements will be between the client and the electrician of their choosing.
  • SOUND4U AV can provide Electrician Services by request

Change Orders

  • Any deviation from the approved signed original agreement for design, installation, project scope or equipment list will be subject to a signed written “Change Order” Agreement.  It is further understood that any changes must be communicated directly to the SOUND4U AV Authorized Project Manager only.
  • Change Orders will only be accepted in email between authorized and verified email. Change Orders communicated solely by verbal exchange shall not be accepted as valid.
  • Any costs associated with a Change Order shall be treated as a separate amount with payment being the sole responsibility of the Owner.


  • SOUND4U AV warrants the installation of all components for a period of one year from date of completion. This does not cover tampering, altering, misuse, or acts of God. Component integrity is covered under their respective manufacturer’s factory warranty.
  • Any service call within 120days after completion of the project, it will be free charge of troubleshooting and/or visit for the service. After 120days, service charge could occur.
  • Any service calls that occur outside the manufacturer’s warranty period and outside the SOUND4U AV installation 90days warranty period are subject to normal SOUND4U AV service fees. $200 per visit and after 1hour $100per additional hour will be billed.
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