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September 13, 2022
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October 27, 2022
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  1. Task

    # Payment History

    -$5,000 9/13/22 Check#1159


    # AUDIO — Speakers and Amp

    1. SOUND4U AV will design and provide a right sound system that plays a background music evenly through the whole restaurant and volumes can be controlled by zone from the manager office or anywhere in the restaurant with a tablet.
    • 1st Floor Speakers (6 Zones 22 speakers) — (1) Entrance, (6) Bar, (6) Dining Room1, (6) Dining Room2, (2) Restroom, (1) Coffee Bar area
    • 2nd Floor Speakers (4 Zones 18 speakers) — (12) Halls, (2) Restroom
    • Outdoor Entrance Speaker — (2) JBL Control 25 5inch 2-way speaker.
    • JBL Professional Control 26C 6.5inch 2-way In-Ceiling Speakers
    • Smart Control with Tablets

    # SMART CONTROL (Lighting and TV Set-top-box)

    Lighting Control

    ! Please note that most smart switches & dimmers are working through CLOUD, it means if internet is down, smart control by phone or tablet won’t be working. BUT our system is not rely on internet. It will work with tablets in the restaurant regardless internet status

    1. SOUND4U AV will provide smart light switches and dimmers,
    2. Client will do all electrical work including switch and dimmer installation.
    3. SOUND4U AV handle of Smart Control programing including its network.
    4. Lights can be controlled manually from wall switches & dimmers and from smart phone or tablet with presets. also remotely from outside of the restaurant.
    5. Lighting Zones
    • 1st FL Switch & Dimmer (8 Zones) : 1. Entrance. 2 Bar Countertop, 3. Bar Table, 4. Dining Room1, 5 Dining Room 2, 6. Coffee Bar, 7. Men’s Room, 8. Ladie’s Room
    • 2nd FL Switch & Dimmer (8 Zones) :  1,2,3. Main Halls, 4,5. New Bar Area. 6. Front Restroom, 7. Men’s Room, 8. Ladie’s Room
    • 1year parts and labor warranty — replacement service included.

    # TVs (Clients provides)

    • (4) Bar, (1) 2nd Floor.
    • Cable TV (or DirectTV) set-top-box at the bar can be controlled with Smart Tablet by one or two touches.
    • No more multiple remote controller sticks will be needed.
  2. Service


    Qty. Descriptions

    (40) JBL Control 26C 6.5inch 2-way professional in-ceiling speaker (There are cheaper Speaker, but not recommended. price will cut around $3000)

    (2) JBL Control 25 2-way Wall Mount speaker for Outside Entrance

    (2) Multizone Amplifiers

    (1) 15 space AV Rack with Glass door and Lock

    (1) Misc. — Speaker wires, Remote Control Interface

    (1) Consumable Allowance $300

    (1) Smart Control Setting and Programing $720

    (1) System Design, Order management, Wiring, Installation, Setup, Configuration, Test and Training $4500


    (16) Smart Light Switches & Dimmers

    (1) Lighting Server PC for Smart Control

    (1) Network system for Smart Control

    (3) Samsung 8inch Tablets for Hall, Bar, and Carry

    (1) Misc. — Tablet wall mount, tablet case, Consumable Allowance

    (1) Network, Programing, System Design, Order Management, Wiring, Installation, Setup, Configuration, Test and Training $2800

  4. # TV and Set-top-box

    Client provides All TVs

    (6) TV mounts, HDMI Cables, Extenders, Consumable Allowance

    (1) Smart Control Programing $800

    (1) Wiring, TV Mounting, Installation, Setup, Configuration, Test and Training $2400

Subtotal $24,870.00
Taxes $1,647.64
Total $26,517.64
Payments $5,000.00
Balance $21,517.64


  • Permit costs not included
  • If applicable Project Expenses billed at cost plus 10% or $50 minimum.
  • If applicable Freight billed at cost plus 10%

Project Schedule

  • System Design : After 1st payment is received, SOUND AV will provide a full list of items excepts installation materials within 3days.
  • Parts order & Schedule :  It will take 3~5days to get all parts in.
  • Wiring, Installation, On-site setting, configuration and test : 7-10days.


Payment Schedule

  • 1st Payment : $5,000 is required to initiate the contract (This is not refundable under any circumstance)
  • 2nd Payment : 70% of Balance or $15,000 due on 1st day of wiring.
  • Remaining balance due immediately upon completion of installed components setup before the training.
  • Product model and brand could be changed during the work due to availability and compatibility.
    There will be a fee for Returning and/or canceling product/equipment.
    20% Restocking + Shipping & Handling Fee will apply

Electric Work

  • If it is determined that ample and appropriate power is not available at the equipment rack location, it will be necessary to have the electrical system inspected and retrofitted accordingly by a qualified licensed electrician to support the new audio / video / lighting system. Any needed electrical work is the sole responsibility of the client.
  • SOUND4U AV will provide information and direction to the owner’s electrician at no additional charge. Any and all electrical system arrangements will be between the client and the electrician of their choosing.
  • SOUND4U AV can provide Electrician Services by request

Change Orders

  • Any deviation from the approved signed original agreement for design, installation, project scope or equipment list will be subject to a signed written “Change Order” Agreement.  It is further understood that any changes must be communicated directly to the SOUND4U AV Authorized Project Manager only.
  • Change Orders will only be accepted in email between authorized and verified email. Change Orders communicated solely by verbal exchange shall not be accepted as valid.
  • Any costs associated with a Change Order shall be treated as a separate amount with payment being the sole responsibility of the Owner.


  • SOUND4U AV warrants the installation of all components for a period of one year from date of completion. This does not cover tampering, altering, misuse, or acts of God. Component integrity is covered under their respective manufacturer’s factory warranty.
  • A replacement work service by SOUND4U AV will be billed regardless manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Any service call within 90days after completion of the project, it will be free charge of troubleshooting and/or visit for the service. After 90days, service charge could occur.
  • Any service calls that occur outside the manufacturer’s warranty period and outside the SOUND4U AV installation 90days warranty period are subject to normal SOUND4U AV service fees. $150 per visit and after 1hour $75 per additional hour will be billed.
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